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      Latest articles

      Removing the Tampon Tax is Just a Distraction

      Words by Bonnie, 24 NSW Illustration by Aileen,?You can find more of her work on Instagram?@cartoonsforsanity?and?@aileenetc   Last week 6 women were murdered as a result of domestic violence. This occurred in the...

      Self-Help Books Are Anything but Helpful

      Words by Justine, 19 QLD Many young people are suffering from mental illness these days, especially anxiety and depression. It’s hard being a young person in a world with so much developing technology and a world where...


      For creators

      The campaign

      What is the website for? Why Not? is a new online space for young Australians supported by the YMCA in Australia. Why Not? is for young Australians, by young Australians – it’s a platform to amplify our voices, support...

      Have your say

      It’s a platform to amplify our voices, support and learn from each other, and resist stereotypes. We have opinions just like everyone else – and we deserve to be heard.

      How do you submit content?

      Ready to submit your work? Great! You can submit your work via this link Alternatively, if you have hassles accessing the link please email your submission to: whynot@ymca.org.au What kind of content are we looking for...

      Will I be paid?

      YMCA is committed to paying up to five young people for their contributions each month, for $50 each. From time to time, we may also directly commission work on topical issues! An editorial committee of young people...

      How to invoice

      For a lot of younger emerging writers, invoicing can be a daunting process. Maybe Why Not? is the first place you’ve written for, and you’re not sure how it all works. That’s OK! Every writer was in this position once...

      Keep asking… Why Not?